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Digital Dentures services offered in Tea, SD

Digital dentures can create the appearance of a perfectly balanced and beautiful smile while providing you with functional teeth at a fraction of the cost of traditional dentures. At Parkside Dental, Alex Broesder, DDS, and the team in Tea, South Dakota, utilize Ivoclar™ mills and their in-house 3D printing technology to give you dentures that look and feel natural. To explore the advantages of digital dentures, call Parkside Dental or book a consultation online today..

Digital Dentures Q & A

What are digital dentures?

Digital dentures are oral devices that are created using computer-aided software from start to finish.

The Parkside Dental team is proud to offer a digital denture option for patients who need immediate dentures — same-day dentures after tooth extraction. 

Digital dentures offer considerable benefits over traditional dentures, but the team helps you decide whether this type of prosthesis is the right choice for you. 

What is the process for getting digital dentures?

When you come in for digital dentures, the team reviews your dental records, completes an oral exam, and takes digital X-rays. Then, they take impressions (molds) of your bite.

After getting your impressions, the team either uses them to create 3D models or prototypes in-house. Or, they send your molds to a dental lab to manufacture your digital dentures. 

When the prototype is ready, they have you try it on and assess the shape and fit. They make any adjustments as necessary for the final denture cast. Once you and the team approve the design, they return to their in-house 3D printer or send it back to the dental lab to create your custom dentures.   

What are my options for digital dentures?

While the team at Parkside Dental strives to keep many of their services in-house, they understand the importance of providing patients with a variety of options so they can find a solution that works for them.

Parkside Dental offers two options for digital dentures:

3D Printed Dentures

With this denture option, the team utilizes their in-house 3D printer along with light-activated 3D printing resin to fabricate artificial gums (a denture base) and teeth.

Our dentures are custom designed by the team using FDA-approved materials.

Ivoclar dentures 

Another option is having your dentures made by the top-of-the-line Ivoclar milling machines. After taking impressions of your mouth, the team sends the molds to Ivoclar to create your personalized dentures.

Both options offer digital storage of your dentures, which means if you ever lose your denture, the team can easily provide you with an exact replica.

What are the benefits of digital dentures?

Digital dentures offer several benefits, including:

  • More affordable than traditional dentures
  • Faster production times 
  • Perfectly natural look and fit
  • Extremely durable 
  • Customizable shade and color options
  • Improved resistance to fracture and moisture

To find out more about the advantages of digital dentures, call Parkside Dental or book an appointment online today.