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How we make dental treatment more affordable and Higher Quality at the same time!


Dr. Broesder passionately feels that everyone should have access to the highest quality of care. Dental restorations should have a precision fit, regardless of if it is a crown, a denture, or even a digitally designed filling (Onlay/Inlay)!


To achieve this, Dr. B has built the practice around a fully functional dental lab, making Parkside Dental uniquely independent. We can 3D print or Mill anything we could ever dream of, including our in-house designed clear aligners! Dr. B utilizes the latest and 3D design software to personally design your treatment, so you know you are receiving the best quality of care!


What makes our lab different from other dental offices?:

Unlike many other dental mills advertising “Same-Day” crowns, our full-service in-house lab took no shortcuts in equipment. You will receive the same material quality that you would expect from a high end premium dental lab. This is with one caveat however… your restorations will not be designed by a simple technician, but instead by your very own family dentist! We strive to cut out the middle man, not only to pass the savings onto you, but to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of care in the country!


Budget Options:

Dr. Broesder understands that not everyone has the resources to afford the best Denture or that recommended crown. One of the biggest advantages to having a dental lab right here in the clinic, is we have more options readily available. For example, if a filling is not an option to fix a cavity, and a crown is not an option financially. Often times we can still save your tooth with either a Composite/Ceramic Hybrid 3D designed and printed crown or onlay. An onlay is essentially a filling that is made outside of your mouth (indirectly) and then cemented in place.


“But why would using a different material lower the price if I am getting the same quality design and fit?”

Even though we are going through the same steps to save your tooth, this budget option is more affordable to you simply because it is much faster for us to print your crown or onlay out of a composite then it would be for us to mill a crown out of a much harder material, like Zirconia.

Faster treatment = Higher savings

The major downside to these composite restorative options, is that they do not add nearly the same amount of strength and longevity to the tooth as treating it in the ideally recommended manner. These materials are faster because they are softer, and as such we cannot offer warranty on longevity. With that said, the superior fit and design that Dr. Broesder puts into these treatments really gives you peace of mind that your tooth will last a good while longer than it would have if nothing was done.



Do you need multiple fillings and crowns?”

Our lab is capable of making over 30 crowns in a single visit! That means your mouth could be completely redesigned to be healthy in a single visit! Not only that, but we could do this option using our budget or premium products! Be sure to ask us about our discounted full mouth reconstruction rates! Also, coming soon, as we expand our clinic, we are adding a sedation suite. This means that you could sleep your way to a healthier smile!


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